Feel more confident, capable and professional in German.

Are you an international architect or engineer?
Advance your language skills in German with easy to follow, practical online programs and personal coaching.

What's making your communication in German better?

I help international architects and engineers to communicate better in German by providing online programs and individual coaching.

Think of the last time you had to communicate in German.

Did you ask yourself, “Is this correct? Will they understand what I mean?” 

Do you stick with the same simple sentences over and over again even though you are dissatisfied with them?

Were you looking for conventional German classes but they are often frustrating for you because:

    • the topics you need aren’t addressed
    • other students often have a slower pace or just need a “certification”
    • the lack of focus on writing leaves you with the same insecurities you had at the beginning of the conventional course.
    • you missed classes because of important deadlines in your projects and you did not want to let your team down?

I am Christoph Kirn. As a language coach I help international architects and engineers develop the skills to confidently communicate better in German. I use a personalized process to help you reach your potential using the German knowledge you already have.


My programs give you fast results on your own schedule – without requiring a lot of time. You work together with other architects and engineers in an online classroom. Individual online coachings specifically target your needs.


Communicate clearer inside your firm and with external vendors. Have more influence in the office and with clients. Improve your career. 

Get Tips and Help on how to improve your language skills in your profession.


Using German in your profession is about to get easier

Online Program:

Write professional emails in German better and faster.

1 on 1

What's it like working with me?

I'll let my clients answer that question:

"I have been looking to improve my German over the past few years, specifically in terms of written German. I came across Christoph’s course and it was explained to me that this course was specifically oriented towards people in the building industry with a particular look at the written aspect in emails within the building industry. After the weeks of going through the general classes and the personal courses I have noticed that I have been able to write quicker, and more efficiently. The clients come back with fewer questions. And also internally it has been recognized by my work colleagues that my emails are certainly at a higher level and easier to understand."
James Bassett
Participant of Write better emails
„Ich bin immer sehr frustriert gewesen, da ich die Deutsche Sprache nicht auf dem gleichen Niveau wie meine Muttersprache benutzen konnte. Und jetzt ist der Unterschied nicht mehr so gross.“

"Jetzt fühle ich mich wohler, längere E-Mails zu schreiben. Ich fühle mich wohler und kann auch flüssiger schreiben."
"Christoph is an extremely professional and well qualified language coach. His flexible approach to my requirements has helped me a lot with contextual German. I feel more confident going into different situations, both at work and in my everyday life. His methods build confidence and he has encouraged me to speak and focus less on the technicalities of German grammar. This is exactly the type of language learning I was hoping for."
Mike Robinson
Chief Scientific Advisor
Vorher habe ich E-Mails geschrieben und gedacht, das ist alles richtig und jetzt kann ich wirklich sehen, es gibt gewisse Kleinigkeiten, die man beachten muss. Und es gibt noch eine tiefere Ebene in diesen Sätzen, auf die man aufpassen muss. Und das habe ich hier (im Programm) kennen gelernt und konnte die Fehler vermeiden.
"What I appreciate most from Christoph is his enthusiasm in finding the best way to teach any particular client. He is very flexible and happy to try different ways and for me he found a very good and varied teaching method. I also appreciate that he speaks very good English (even though all the lessons were in German) — it is important to me to be able to express what I'm trying to say, so that we can together find the best way to say the same in German."
Anette De B.
Global Change Lead

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