Are you an international architect who needs to write better emails in German?

Feel more confident, capable and professional in German. 

Communicate better in your office in just 6 weeks.

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How will this program help you?


Save time writing emails

After the program your emails will be clearer. You will have fewer follow up questions from customers and colleagues and therefore save time. Writing will be quicker and easier for you.


Know your systematic errors and how to avoid them​​

At the beginning of the program we analyse your emails. We will identify your systematic mistakes and develop strategies in individual coaching sessions to avoid them.


Vary sentences and phrases correctly

During the course you develop a set of your favorite phrases and variations. At the end of the program you will have a list of phrases that you can choose from as needed.


You'll feel more secure when writing emails

During the course you will continually get feedback about your individual writing. This will help you gain confidence about your writing skills.


Learn to use connectors

Connectors (words like "therefore", "because" etc.) are a very important way to keep your emails precise and short. You will learn a proven connector scheme and how to apply it in your emails and other texts.


I'll show you how to write better emails faster and with fewer mistakes, even if you don't have much time to learn.


Online Classroom

In this interactive classroom you will receive input to improve your writing skills. You will learn tips and tricks to write emails better, faster and more efficiently. Personal feedback and corrections are given for every assignment.

Individual Coaching sessions

Individual coaching is the guarantee for your success. Here we work on your personal challenges and the topics of your choice, such as:

– Deep dive in your emails (grammar, sentence structure etc.)

– Identifying and avoiding your systematic errors

– Writing important emails together and/or creating templates

Email Review

You choose examples of the emails you typically send and I will analyse your writing for accuracy, grammar, structure, tone, etc. 

The challenges in your daily emails will also generate topics for the individual coaching sessions.


I'll show you how to write emails faster and with fewer mistakes, even if you don't have much time to learn.

Here is the schedule for the program

Week 1

Methods And Tools

Tips and tricks to immediately improve your emails.

week 2

Giving reasons

Learn how to justify your explanations, opinions and arguments.

week 3

Dates and Deadlines

Master describing dates, timelines and deadlines while avoiding frequent errors.

Week 4

Solutions And Measures

Practice describing solutions and implementation steps in detail.

Week 5

describe consequences

Formulate possible repercussions and desired results.


Week 1 - Week 6

Individual Support

Two individual 60-minute coaching sessions scheduled at your convenience.

Analysis and feedback on up to one email/day for accuracy, structure, tone, etc.

Date for next cohort:

Six-week program begins on Monday, March 22 from 16.45 -17.45h MEZ​
Cohorts for 2021
Start with first online classroom
Day for Online classroom
of program
March 22
17:00 - 18:00

What it's like working with me



I teach international architects and engineers how to overcome insecurities and gain confidence writing emails in their profession in German so that they can take the next step in their career and live a more fulfilling work life.


My pledge


From our first contact until the moment you reached your goal, I want to be the most supportive and friendliest person with whom you work.

Stress-free learning

Writing emails can be frustrating and lonely. It can even feel stressful. I will be in your corner to listen, bring clarity and ease your fears.

What other participants say about the course

"I have been looking to improve my German over the past few years, specifically in terms of written German. After the weeks of going through the general classes and the personal courses I have noticed that I have been able to write quicker, and more efficiently. The clients come back with fewer questions. And also internally it has been recognized by my work colleagues that my emails are certainly at a higher level and easier to understand."
James Bassett
Participant of Write better emails
"What was good was really getting to know my emails. Before I wrote emails and thought that everything was right and now I can really see that there are certain little things that you have to pay attention to. And there is a deeper level in these sentences that you have to pay attention to. And that's what I learned here (in the course) and I was able to avoid the mistakes."
"Before I wrote quick e-mails, but very short and somehow I didn't feel like it or nobody asked me enough to write longer e-mails. And now I feel more comfortable writing longer e-mails. I feel more comfortable and can write more fluently."
E. P.
"I have always been very frustrated because I could not use German at the same level as my native language. And now the difference is not so big anymore."
A. S.

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Christoph Kirn

As language coach I help international architects like you write better emails and feel more confident about your writing skills in German. I use a personalized process to help you lift your potential in writing and apply the knowledge that you've gained while studying German, probably for many years of learning. I have developed this program to give you fast results while staying flexible so you can do the work as your schedule allows. In this program we will work on your individual challenges in individual online coaching sessions, the online classroom and with email support.

Gellertstrasse 160 4052 Basel

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